From 1907 to today

Borel & Barbey benefits from the significant accumulated experience of the lawyers who have contributed to its history. The Firm has the privilege of assisting, for more than a century, a private and institutional clientele.


Founded in 1907 by Eugène Borel and Paul Lachenal, the firm has been able to adapt to the requirements of its clients, in ever changing national and international challenges. It is highly specialized in its various practice areas, while maintaining the same approach to personalized and pragmatic advice.

Borel & Barbey reinvented itself over the decades while preserving its values and its culture of the profession.

From 1907 to today

1907 – Foundation

Paul Lachenal and Eugène Borel formed a partnership and founded the Firm.

1924 – Heritage

Alfred Borel joined his uncle in the Firm and became a partner.

1946 – Proximity

The Firm relocated to Rue du Rhône, where it remained until 1988. It then moved its offices to its current address in Rue de Jargonnant.

1952 – Continuity

After a working relationship that began in 1936 and was interrupted by the Second World War, Gustave Barbey became a partner in the Firm that came to bear his name.

1963 – Opening up

Pierre de Charmant became a partner of the Firm, contributing international legal culture and expertise that opened up new horizons for the Firm, especially in business law.

Today – Ressources

The Firm has the privilege to count on nearly a hundred professionals, including around fifty attorneys-at-law, counsels and paralegals covering all areas of the law.

At your service since 1907

Ever since it was created over a century ago, Borel & Barbey has constantly grown and evolved by partnering with new talents.


Backed by such experience, the Firm now offers advanced legal services in all areas of law to a demanding clientele of companies and private clients, both in Switzerland and abroad.


Borel & Barbey favours a solution-based approach and is distinguished by its pragmatism and efficiency in complex situations.


Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to grasp all the legal implications of issues requiring the intervention of a variety of specialists.


We rely on the expertise of our most experienced partners and on the dynamism and skills of our new talents. This combination enables us to offer first-rate legal services.