Borel & Barbey takes an active part in the development of the legal community, in particular by regularly contributing to specialized literature, participating to conferences and through its involvement in the academic world.

This section provides an overview of legal news related to Borel & Barbey, particularly recent cases of the firm, conferences and publications.

09 JULY 2024

The offence of threats against public authorities and officials

The Swiss Supreme Court specifies the circumstances in which a “threat” made against an authority or public officials is strong enough to constitute an offence under article 285 of the Swiss Criminal Code (violence and threats against public authorities and public officials).   Loris Bertoliatti summarizes the Swiss Supreme Court’s decision 6B_386/2023 dated 28 March…


02 JULY 2024

Canton of Vaud : Decree on the mandatory replacement of electric heating systems

Samuel Brückner analyzes in the June edition of the Newsletter, the Swiss Supreme Court’s decision 1C_600/2023 dated 26 April 2024 regarding the mandatory replacement of electric heating systems. This regulation, adopted by the Canton of Vaud and established by the Vaud Energy Law (LVLEne-BLV 730.01), was also adopted on 20 December 2022 by the…


28 JUNE 2024

Borel & Barbey supports the Geneva International Legal Association (GILA)

This past Wednesday June 26th officially marked the establishment of the Geneva International Legal Association (GILA), in the presence of its founding members, State Councillor Delphine Bachmann and Administrative Councillor of the City of Geneva Alfonso Gomez.   Dedicated to positioning the City as the global capital of law and legal services, GILA aims to…


20 JUNE 2024

The Swiss Supreme Court adjudicates a complex case of lease termination

Patrick Blaser comments in the 19 June edition of Le Journal de l’Immobilier on a contentious case of lease termination between a landlord and a tenant.   It emerges from the decision ATF 4A_500/2023, dated 11 April 2024, that our Swiss Supreme Court places great importance on the contractual obligations of a tenant towards their…


13 JUNE 2024

New decree of the Swiss Supreme Court about wind turbines

Patrick Blaser comments in Le Journal de l’Immobilier the Swiss Supreme Court’s decision 1C_458/2022 dated 12 February 2024 concerning the appeal from various nature conservation associations against a new project of wind turbine.   This appeal occurs in the context of promoting renewable energies and could potentially call into question the protection of landscapes.  …


06 JUNE 2024

Rules governing lease termination

How does one terminate a lease agreement? What are the conditions for ending a lease before the contract expires and what happens in the event of the tenant’s death? What reasons can justify the termination of a lease? Can a landlord terminate the lease without a valid reason?   Our partner, Patrick Blaser, was the…